Art Deco Necklace

Antique Hand Beaded Necklace

Art Deco NecklaceBetsy Long brought in this antique hand beaded necklace with a family photograph that showed her great grandmother, Anna Shultz (1877-1969), wearing it. Betsy’s mother, Janet Huneycutt and her brother were raised by their grandmother after their mother passed from tuberculosis. After the death of Janet’s grandmother she was given the heirloom necklace to cherish as a remembrance. We hand stitched the necklace to a fabric covered mat board and had the photograph of Betsy‚Äôs great grandmother enlarged to showcase her wearing the necklace. The simplicity of the custom frame with the silver blocked corners gives a simple reference to the Art Deco time period in which the necklace was originally worn. Thank you Betsy and Janet for sharing this treasured family heirloom with us!

“Thank you for the great care you put into framing this valuable piece of mine.” -Janet Huneycutt

Lucy and Betsy Long

Lucy and Betsy Long

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