Fine Art Framing

Oil Painting by Julian Onderdonk

Oil Painting
by Julian Onderdonk

Preservation techniques for artwork:
◆ UV light protected glass
◆ Acid free materials
◆ Conservation mounting

Bring your artwork fora professional design consultation. Each piece is unique and must be evaluated for the proper type of preservation method and overall framing design. Our designers can also help you create a beautiful wall grouping to compliment your home’s decor.

Signed Print by Banksy

Signed Print by Banksy

Closed Corner Frame: custom frame that is
assembled prior to being finished, creating
seamless corners.

Original Drawing by Picasso

Original Drawing
by Picasso

Custom Options:

◆ Hand carved
◆ Water gilded Karat
Gold/White Gold leaf
◆ Hand painted
◆ Compo ornaments:
molded decorative
pattern that can be
added to the frame
◆ Size, Width and



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