Spectacular Shadow Boxes and Acrylic Cases for Your Treasured Memories

Shadowboxes display a collection with style

Spectacular shadow boxes and acrylic cases.

Just bring us your collection of treasures. We’ll work with you to create a pleasing layout and perhaps make suggestions of other items that might be included. Many times a brass plate identifying the objects is appropriate. We believe that documentation of historical items is important. To that end, we’ll attach a Mylar folder on the back dust cover of the frame. You can place written descriptions in the folder for future generations.

This acrylic box stores a loved one's military keepsake.

Acrylic cases may be used on a variety of items such as quilts, sports jerseys, deep dimensional objects, and others. The cases are clear acrylic, frequently without a frame. They can be built much deeper than a shadow box moulding and will allow more light to penetrate and illuminate the objects. Shadow boxes can also be built with their own interior lighting.