Flood Damaged Photographs

Do you have flood damaged photographs?

Don’t throw them away or let them dry! Try this instead:

TIP: If you have a wet photograph either in a frame or in an album, place it in a freezer until you have time to remove it. The emulsion on a photograph will stick to the glass or the album page as it dries. Freezing will stop that process. When you remove the photo from the freezer, gently separate it from the glass or album before it dries.

Water Damaged Photos

These items were submerged in flood water for over a week before being frozen.

Save Your Damaged Art

If you have art that was wet and/or damaged during the storm, it may not be too late to save it. We have restored photographs that were stuck to the glass, silk textiles that had color bleed, diplomas, and certificates with water stains, and canvases with mold. Bring them to Bradley’s! If we can’t help you, we probably know someone who can.

Diplomas & Copyrighted Photographs

Do not throw your old one away until you receive your new diploma. Copyrighted photographs must be ordered from the photographer if he/she can be identified.

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