Memorabilia Workshop: “How to Frame your Stuff” Oct. 14

“How to Frame your Stuff”

Memorabilia Workshop
Oct. 14th 6:30-8:00pm

RSVP call: 713-461-5695 or email: (Walk-ins are welcome)

What will you learn about at the Workshop?

  • Passing down family heirlooms & keepsakes with custom framing
  • Which items are interesting pieces to add to you home decor
  • Process of choosing what to include in your display shadowbox
  • Preserving your inherited mementos for future generations
  • Design and how to balance the arrangement of different items
  • How to store things properly before framing

Learn something NEW!

Lucy Quay

Lucy Quay

Master Certified Picture Framer, Lucy Quay, will be presenting our memorabilia workshop: “How to Frame your Stuff.” She has 30 years experience with framing design and preservation techniques. She will discuss creating well balanced layouts for your cherished memorabilia and how to decide which items to frame.

Organizing Tips!

Laurie Mattingly

Laurie Mattingly

Professional organizer, Laurie Mattingly will be sharing her expertise on gathering and organizing family memorabilia! She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and has a true passion for helping others organize.


Sewing Collection ShadowboxSewing Collection Shadowbox

This assortment of sewing items is the first completed of several boxes we are designing and framing for a long time customer. At our workshop you will see the ‘behind the scenes’ work that went into creating this design!

Family Vacation ShadowboxFamily Vacation Shadowbox

Learn the steps we took to layout this design for a family’s summer vacation throughout the Virgin Islands. We can help you display the little treasures you pick up along your travels in a one-of-a-kind shadowbox.

Inspiration for Memorabilia Displays:

  • Fishing Lures
  • Foreign Currency
  • Vintage Cooking Utensils
  • Boy & Girl Scout Patches
  • Family Heirlooms: Photos, Jewelry, Clothing, Tools
  • Sports Collections: Pins, Brochures, Tickets
  • Military: Medals, Patches, Documents






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