Custom Framing

Full-service custom framing residential and commercial.

Full-service custom framing residential and commercial.

 Our primary service is offering you the very best custom framing of art, documents, textiles, and objects. Simply bring us the items to be framed, or we’ll be happy to pick them up. Our designers and expert framers will suggest choices of materials, design the layout, build the frame, cut mats, attach or mount the item, protect it with glazing (as needed), and assemble everything ready for hanging on your wall.

Frame Making is done on-site. We stock about 200 patterns of moulding and have ready access to thousands more through our suppliers. Your frame will be the correct color and joined with perfect corners. We can also apply gold, silver or copper leaf, create Italian sgraffito, and add compo designs (leaves, stars, shells, etc.) to the corners of a frame, which results in an expensive closed corner look at an economical price. We specialize in the difficult; impossible takes a little longer.

Matting choices include acid-free paper mats. We prefer to use Bainbridge ArtCare matboard, which absorbs the impurities from the environment around the art. Matting may also be covered with a variety of fabrics, including suede, silk, linen, moiré, and velvet. We also use fabrics on wood liners that are available in many sizes and shapes. Mats can be cut in just about any shape. Paper mats can be cut-out with custom initials or inlaid with a contrasting color. Fabric matting can be embossed with almost any design to compliment the framing (example: the Astros “star” logo in a baseball shadow box). Our Master Certified mat technician can do just about anything our designers imagine.

Glazing (glass) choices include many options. Bradley’s strongly recommends choosing between Conservation Clear and Museum Glass. Both filter 99% of UV rays, both from sunlight and fluorescent bulbs. Museum Glass has an additional coating that almost eliminates reflections. When size, weight, and safety are factors, we can recommend acrylic substitutes for all types of glass.

Mounting methods include heat dry mounting, conservation hinging, hand-stitching, and cold mounting, along with many others. The choice of method is decided by considering conservation, preservation, safety, and permanence.

Fitting is simply the final assembly of all the components. It is important because we don’t want a piece of dust, scratched glass, or something crooked. Our goal is to present you with a “perfect” picture frame completed on time and done right.

Closed Corner Frames and Period Reproductions

Gold leafing a closed corner frame

Adding Gold Leaf to a Closed Corner Frame

 We are pleased to offer you these magnificent frames that are historically accurate, antique reproductions crafted with only the best materials, such as genuine 22K gold leaf. You may choose the profile, finish, and decorative detail.

These are called “closed corner frames” because the frame is made prior to finishing. When leafed or painted the corner joint becomes invisible. Bradley’s can provide all styles: Italian, Spanish, Louis XIII through XVI, Dutch, American Colonial, and Federal.

Whether your art is exceptionally valuable or simply priceless to you, these frames will add a luxurious touch.