Who Likes Bradley’s?

Thank you for your kind testimonials.

Your comments through the years have allowed us to enjoy an impeccable reputation. We appreciate all of the suggestions. Thank you for your kind testimonials. They are greatly appreciated.

arrowheads“You have been such a delightful family to know — a stop by the shop always makes for a great day!”

Rhonda J.

“Your frames create a symphony with my needlepoint.”

Michele R.

“This is a very special place.”

Birgitta P.

“You have helped our family so much over the years … we feel that your family is a part of ours.”

Bob W.

“While looking at items to be framed on your front counter — old Texas license plates, a collection of horseback riding competition ribbons, and leather vest, belt, gloves, chaps, and a pair of spurs … Do you people ever frame anything normal?”

Barbara B.

“My most favorite moments are framed by you. The Best!

Tom N.

World War II Memory Box“You have reduced me to a huge grin. There will always be a smile between my sister and me for years to come. You will be part of that smile.”

Tom L.

“I’m delighted with all the effort made to get just the right frame for me.”

Ruth L.

“Thanks for being here!”

Pat G.

“Your suggestions for my work are outstanding!”

Elizabeth M.

“You do great work!”

Pat S.

“A wonderful shopping experience — absolutely gorgeous frames!”

Phyllis B.

“Neat place — glad I found it!

Ernest G.

“Beautiful … Outstanding!”

Deborah E.

“Terrific selections, friendly staff!”

William L.

Golf towel from St. Andrews“I’m so glad y’all are here. I know I can bring it here and you’ll do it. I save so much time and money, because you do it right the first time.”

Beverly H.

“I’m amazed at your creativity and I love what you do.”

Sarah L.

“You are the greatest.”


“You know what I like about coming down here, is that you all decipher my feelings and help achieve my goals.”

Diane R.

“I love coming here and watching you all design my framing.”

Maureen P.

“Hello everyone. Just wanted to drop a line to say thank you for your expertise and outstanding work on my rare restoration print. You will always have a customer for life and I will highly recommend my friends and clients to you. As you know, today’s customer service is not genuine and nobody seems to really care about customer satisfaction, but you all are the exception to the rule. Job well done and a pleasure.”

Mark C.

“Bradley’s is a plus for the Spring Branch area — a wonderful business!”

Linda H.

“I’ve had some time this week to enjoy your work on my photos! It’s a very personal expression of the things I value through my journey in life. Just wanted to let you know your creativity and time spent interpreting my thoughts are so very appreciated. Thanks so much!”

Rick S.

Indonesian Puppet in Acrylic“I’m speechless … this is a perfect choice.”

Nancy B.

“You came highly recommended.”

Tina S.

“Just read your 25th anniversary issue. We haven’t known you but for a fraction of that time. Our view of the relationship we have enjoyed has been wonderful … a very nice part of our lives. It is quite something when a merchant business transcends its transactions — even when they are executed so completely and actually becomes a part of the lives of its customers. It results in our thinking of the Bradley’s as family — those who share in our personal history by framing the events and times with a very special touch. Thank you very much!”

Bob W.

“Thank you for your beautiful work and for making meaningful gifts ever more special!”

Norma S.

“Amy and the staff at Bradley’s Art & Frame, I just wanted to say thank you for your help with the pictures of my grandfather. It was a very special gift for my father and it turned out beautifully. Everyone that we came in contact with at Bradley’s Art & Frame was extremely helpful and friendly. We will definitely use you guys again in the future. Have a safe and Happy New Year!”

Caryn V.

“You have no idea what pleasure you’re giving me!”

Betty O.

“Can’t get no better!”

Ray E.

Leather Beaded Pouch“Hi Lucy, I love the pictures you framed for me; they look wonderful. So thanks for all the time you were willing to spend — I think it really paid off!”

Nancy E.

“He said it was the best gift ever given…perfect — perfect!”

Jennifer D.

“What a treasure to find you.”

Karen W.

“The greetings are flowing in on the projects you mailed to the previous boss and my two sisters. All were so surprised, moved and appreciative. Thanks for making that happen.”

Marshall W.

“You make it fun spending money.”

Jane A.

“You were above and beyond! It’s perfect and I couldn’t be happier!”

Martha T.

“When it’s done correctly, it’s a joy forever. When it’s not … it just bothers you.


“Selecting a frame is about the back and forth of getting to that magic moment when you find the ‘perfect’ frame.”

Bruno B.

“I went somewhere else. She said ‘Oh, I don’t know if it should have glass or not.’ I said, ‘Oh no, I’m making a mistake. I’m going to Bradley’s.'”


Oil Painting hiding TV“Bradley’s Art & Frame did an excellent job on my framing project and I highly recommend them for any future framing projects you may have. I’ll certainly use them!”


“This will be a lifelong treasure.”

Gil N.

“I walked in the door and felt that I had just won the lottery. You’re a gift!”


“One week before Christmas, I called frame shops who laughed at me when I asked them if I could get something framed for a gift. I called Bradley’s and she said, ‘Honey, bring it in, we saved a place just for you.'”


Print of Ox Custom Dowels“I am always proud to give gifts from Bradley’s.”

Robin C.

“You are the answer to prayers.”

Julia C.

“They make you happy here!”

Violet H.

“It’s a treat to see work with such quality.”


“I am amazed at your creativity and I love what you do.”

Sandra L.

“I’ve never not been satisfied with your work. A frame makes such a difference. It’s like a great haircut.”

Kay S.

“Perfect choice! I’m speechless!”


“Y’all are so quick. Most places take two months or more.”


“I think you all are a credit to the whole world.”

Bea M.

“You make my life so much easier.”

Nancy P.

“This store is a treasure.”

Pam D.

“You have been extremely friendly and helpful. Thanks!”

Tina E.

“Bradley’s is the finest frame shop in Houston!”

Juanita W.

“Nice work — nice people.”

Grady B.

Woman and Chicken“I have been an enthusiastic customer for more than twenty years, and you keep on keeping on. You’re the best!”

Nancy L.

“Thanks for the great help!”

Walter J.

“Terrific selections and friendly staff.”

William L.

“I have shopped here for several years. I really appreciate your work.”

Mary W.

“I love your shop!”

Steve K.

“Shopping at Bradley’s is a wonderful experience. They have absolutely gorgeous frames.”

Phyllis B.

“Great, helpful people.”

Gene F.

“I am in awe of your quality.”

Gregory S.

“In response to Lucy’s ‘apology’ for being so protective of a client’s art … We know you will take as much care with our art as we would — maybe more. That’s why we come here.”

Lynn D.

“We have known about Bradley’s for years. We love your work and have had lots of compliments on your work.”

Craig and Clara J.

“Very pleasant people and a great variety of frames.”

Patricia B.

“The Picture-it-First software was a big help in making decisions about the framing.”

Ann S.

“I loved my experience here.”

Patrice W.

“First-class customer service — a very friendly group!”

Ronald K.

Flow Blue China Collection“Bradley’s has spoiled us. We can spot a cheap frame from a mile away!”

Karen A.

“Bradley’s does wonderful work and I trust them 100%!”

Robin C.

“Your selection can’t be beat. You’re the best at what you do!”

Bryce A.